[OS X Emacs] Font embedding

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Jun 3 15:35:57 EDT 2008

Am 03.06.2008 um 15:38 schrieb Ivan Werning:

> ...what do you mean exactly? Are you suggesting we first create the  
> PDF with pdflatex (or latex-dvi2ps-ps2pdf) and then send print the  
> document into a file? Is that what you man by the Mac OS X print  
> dialog?

No, no! You mixing up things. Edward clearly wrote about printing  
from a buffer or a region inside Aquamacs Emacs. Then the usual Mac  
OS X print dialog opens from which you can choose a few different  
formats to save to a PDF file.

> I would have thought ps2pdf and pdflatex would have options for  
> forcing embedding fonts (true type).

This is set for the (user's) TeX installation and cannot be  
overridden on the command line (but an option exists to make a  
change). Look up the man page of updmap.cfg, the file(s) the updmap  
or updmap-sys utilities work on. Both these utilities create the  
settings for the user or for the whole system. And the user's setting  
overrides the one for the system.

> Then I was wondering how best to ensure that aquamacs calls these  
> options on the default compile.

Aquamacs Emacs can't do this. You're either using the built-in latex- 
mode, or the command line, or AUCTeX, or ...



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