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i am gonna butt into the bolierplate text here for just  a second... and let you know that if you go here:


you can find out exactly why i am helping with this cause, and what it means on my end.. and ..

if you go to that link, you can see a picture of baby paloma!

anyway.. on with the boring old boilerplate stuff..

thanks! ...sergio

I'm taking part in the Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma 2008 - Dublin, OH to raise money for Scleroderma Foundation - Ohio Chapter - please make a donation by visiting my Firstgiving page: http://www.firstgiving.com/team-ruiz

You can donate online with a credit card. All donations are secure and sent directly to Scleroderma Foundation - Ohio Chapter by Firstgiving, who will email you a printable record of your donation.

Please send my page on to anyone who might like to donate!


*** About donating online *** 
It's very easy to support sergio online - just go to their page at the following web address and click "Give Now"
Web Address: http://www.firstgiving.com/team-ruiz 
It takes a matter of minutes, is totally secure and you can leave a message with your donation too. 

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If you feel you have received this email in error or as a result of abuse of our email service, please forward this mail to abuse at firstgiving.com. Thank you. 

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