[OS X Emacs] emacs and latex on iPhone?

egv g.evstratov at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 15:30:17 EDT 2008

"M A" <markoilcan at gmail.com> writes:

> Why not? Typing a convoluted command is no harder than typing anything
> else. I think the only question is whether one accepts the premise of
> doing any typing at all on the iphone/ipod touch. 

Editing text on iPhone is totally sick in my opinion.

I've tried to use console emacs on remote server through Terminal.app on iPhone
and I must say to you that it was hell. I do not think that native port of emacs
to iPhone will do better, because of the screen size and lack of the functional
keys on it's keyboard. When keyboard is on the screen is so small, that it is
practically impossible to do anything more than "Hello world" typing.

I've also tried to use emacs on Nokia N810 internet tablet, both X and noX
versions. It is much more convinient than using it on Iphone, but still there
are not enough keys on it's keyboard to handle all chords, so it is also almost
completely unusable. Surely, one can rebind all command to more convinient
chords (even if they will be longer than default ones) to make it more
comfortable, but it can take a lot of time.

> If so, emacs is no less a good choice than any other editor (well, there may
> be questions about memory and processor requirements, but that's another
> issue).  

There are enough resources to run emacs on iPhone. It runs on n810, which as far
as I remenber, has slower proc and the same amount of memory just fine.

> Once you install the BSD layer, I would think that emacs should
> certainly be possible (vi is already there), but I don't know of any efforts
> in this direction. I wouldn't expect any official development from GNU since
> the platform is not open, but I would certainly be happy if someone did it.

I have toolchain installed, so I can try to cross-compile emacs for iPhone, but
I see no sence in doing it. I think that iPhone's keyboard is too crippled to
handle something but vi. The lack of function keys makes emacs unusable.

Nevertheless I can try if you want me to.


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