[OS X Emacs] diary mode...

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Sun Jun 15 20:35:29 EDT 2008

Thank you Peter for checking.

The manual says:

> &%%(diary-float 11 4 -1) American Thanksgiving
> The 11 specifies November (the eleventh month), the 4 specifies  
> Thursday (the fourth day of the week, where Sunday is numbered  
> zero), and the −1 specifies “last” (1 would mean “first,” 2  
> would mean “second,” −2 would mean “second-to-last,” and so  
> on). The month can be a single month or a list of months. Thus you  
> could change the 11 above to `'(1 2 3)' and have the entry apply to  
> the last Thursday of January, February, and March. If the month is  
> t, the entry applies to all months of the year.

So it really means that only the month variable can accept lists as  

Hence, my problem is not realy a bug but rather a feature request, I  
suppose: have days of week and weeks available as lists (or regexp)  

Don't you think so ?

Jean-Christophe Helary


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