[OS X Emacs] How do I generate HTML from Aquamacs - Auctex.

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 07:51:12 EST 2008

On 1 Mar 2008, at 12:33, Graham Smith wrote:

> Not sure I understand the relevance of WYSIWYG point.  I would have  
> thought tahat converting one mark up language (Latex) to another  
> (HTML) would have been easier than turning some sort of WYSIWYG  
> wordprocessor file into  HTML.

Why would that be simpler?
An MS Word document or an RTF document provides a form of "markup"  
just like anything else. It's probably a lot more structured and, in  
the case of Word, eases burden greatly on the parser that reads the  

> As it stands, Aquamacs with the bundled Auctex can complile to PDF  
> just as Lyx does. But Lyx also gives an option to compile (or maybe  
> its "convert" to HTML rather than PDF.

It is neither Aquamacs nor the included AUCTeX that compile your file  
to PDF. It is "pdfLaTeX", which you have to have installed separately,  
as any web page on LaTeX will tell you.

> Given the excellent suite of tools provided by Aquamacs, and I am  
> very grateful to have Aquamacs and ESS  in a single easy to load  
> package, I thought that possibly Latex2HTML or some other tool might  
> also have been hidden somewhere in the package and I just hadn't  
> found it.

I see. Well, Aquamacs does not include LaTeX2HTML just like it does  
not come with LaTeX. It is an editor that provides the interface.
(Similarly, we don't include R, even though we have an interface to it  
with ESS.)

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