[OS X Emacs] How do I generate HTML from Aquamacs - Auctex.

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 08:51:39 EST 2008


> > Not sure I understand the relevance of WYSIWYG point.  I would have
> > thought tahat converting one mark up language (Latex) to another
> > (HTML) would have been easier than turning some sort of WYSIWYG
> > wordprocessor file into  HTML.
> Why would that be simpler?
> An MS Word document or an RTF document provides a form of "markup"
> just like anything else. It's probably a lot more structured and, in
> the case of Word, eases burden greatly on the parser that reads the
> file.

Ok, I made a wrong assumption, not based on any expertise just anecdotally,
on comments about the structured approach of working with latex and the poor
quality HTML produced by Word.

> As it stands, Aquamacs with the bundled Auctex can complile to PDF
> > just as Lyx does. But Lyx also gives an option to compile (or maybe
> > its "convert" to HTML rather than PDF.
> It is neither Aquamacs nor the included AUCTeX that compile your file
> to PDF. It is "pdfLaTeX", which you have to have installed separately,
> as any web page on LaTeX will tell you.

Ok again, I cannot remember installing pdfLaTex seperately, but  as I can
ceate PDFs  I guess its installed. I had previously installed MacTex as part
of the Lyx installation, so maybe it was automatically installed without me
knowing about it.

Its not at all obvious to a beginner that running pdfLaTex refers to a
seperate package rather than running a command for a built in routine.
Especially as I am not aware of having ever installed this package.

> Given the excellent suite of tools provided by Aquamacs, and I am
> > very grateful to have Aquamacs and ESS  in a single easy to load
> > package, I thought that possibly Latex2HTML or some other tool might
> > also have been hidden somewhere in the package and I just hadn't
> > found it.
> I see. Well, Aquamacs does not include LaTeX2HTML just like it does
> not come with LaTeX. It is an editor that provides the interface.
> (Similarly, we don't include R, even though we have an interface to it
> with ESS.)

But you do incude over 34 aditional packages with Aquamacs (including an
HTMLize one, which  I assume is the function you pointed out in your first

Coming from Widows Its all a bit confusing and while I wouldn't expect  you
to  bundle  large  programs like R, as you already bundle  small utilities
and have added extra functionality in Aquamacs,  then it does seem a
possibility that you might have also added some tweaks to the
Aquamacs/Auctex capabilities.

As I say its all a bit confusing getting my head round what is what with all
this, but I am learning.


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