[OS X Emacs] AUCTeX-XeTeX broken after switch to Carbon Emacs

pdfinn at uwm.edu pdfinn at uwm.edu
Fri May 9 20:18:12 EDT 2008


I've tried Aquamacs as well---a very fine program.  Two reasons come to mind:
first, and most importantly, I'm at the point now where I seldom leave Emacs to do
anything, and so I like working with Emacs full-screen.  I find this minimizes
external distractions and maximizes screen real estate with the tool bars and Mac
menu bar hidden.  In the past I did this by running Emacs in iTerm, which has full
screen support (but of course, cannot display images, or previews through AUCTeX).
Carbon Emacs has a full screen capability that works as I want it to.  Now I know
Aquamacs also has full screen support, but only in the development builds; and
Aquamacs crashes whenever I try to enable this feature.  (Hopefully this will be
fixed in the next release.)  Second, it seems the key difference between Carbon
Emacs and Aquamacs (apart from the API) is Aquamacs' intent to be more ``Mac
like;'' this is a noble aim, but is not really a feature which concerns me, since
I have learned and am comfortable with the traditional Emacs commands.  For, now
I'm using what I think best fits my needs.  If you think there is a compelling
reason to consider Aquamacs that I may be unaware of, I would welcome your views.


At Fri, 9 May 2008 10:35:01 -0500,
Salvatore Enrico Indiogine wrote:
> Peter:
> 2008/5/8  <pdfinn at uwm.edu>:
> > I've been running Emacs under the Mac OS X terminal for a while and managed to get
> > AUCTeX setup and working with La/XeTex thanks to help of some you on this list.  I
> > recently switched over to Carbon Emacs and now, when processing a XeTeX document I
> > get the following complaint:
> Just curious.  Any reason you prefer Carbon Emacs over Aquamacs?
> Thanks,
> Enrico
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