[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs and applescript

Daniel Stegmueller d.stegmueller at gmail.com
Tue May 13 05:01:56 EDT 2008

Hello List,

I have a function using applescript to copy marked parts of a file  
into an external application.  It worked with (Carbon) Emacs but does  
not work with Aquamacs.
Is there an obvious error that I am missing?


Here it is:

  (defun ado-send-region-to-Stata ()
    (copy-region-as-kill (point) (mark))
    (do-applescript "try \r tell application \"Finder\" \r set  
theDummyDo to (((path to desktop folder) as text) & \".eraseme.do\")  
\r set theContents to the clipboard \r if not (the last character of  
theContents = return) then \r set theContents to theContents & return  
\r end if \r end tell \r try \r set the open_target_file to open for  
access file theDummyDo with write permission \r set eof of the  
open_target_file to 0 \r write theContents to the open_target_file  
starting at eof \r close access the open_target_file \r on error \r  
try \r close access file theDummyDo \r end try \r end try \r tell  
application \"StataSE\" \r activate \r open file theDummyDo \r end  
tell \r on error error_message number error_number \r return \"Error:  
\" & error_number & \". \" & error_message & return \r end try"))

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