[OS X Emacs] Emacs make-frame-on-display not working

pdfinn at uwm.edu pdfinn at uwm.edu
Sun Nov 2 18:04:38 EST 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm using Emacs 22.1 under Apple's X11, on Tiger; attempting to
connect to another computer running Tiger and Apple's X11.

(This is the first time I have tried to use the make-frame-on-display
feature, and am a bit foggy about X11 nuances.)  Emacs will make a frame
on my own XServer successfully, but attempting to make a frame on
another computer results in the complaint:

x-create-frame-with-faces: cannot connect to X server

The two machines have a working network connection; and I can display
XClients from one machine on the other's XServer via ssh---so I know
XForwarding is operational.

Emacs gives the same complaint with firewalls down, so it does not seem
to be a firewall issue either.  Machine address are specified in xhosts.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should look into next?


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