[OS X Emacs] email with emacs?

pdfinn at uwm.edu pdfinn at uwm.edu
Thu Nov 20 10:12:52 EST 2008

> Hi!   I use OSX 10.5 and Emacs Aquamacs.  I am wondering about using
> Emacs to do my email.  Is it worth it?  Presently I use Gmail in
> Firefox.

Hi Enrico,

I use Wanderlust for my day-to-day email needs; and you might want to
give it a try yourself.  Wanderlust supports a range of advanced
features, and can be integrated with w3m to render HTML email inside
Emacs.  Wanderlust does not have integrated access to the OS X address
book, but it does integrate with the popular Emacs database BBDB---which
can be synchronized with your OS X address book (so this is not really
an issue).  I have had trouble using Wanderlust with .Mac/Me, but use it
with Gmail without trouble.

In Carbon Emacs, you can install Wanderlust through a menu command which
makes it easy to start working with Wanderlust right away.  I have also
gotten it working ``manually'' but this route is a bit more involved as
Wanderlust requires several additional libraries.

Another route you might want to try using Mutt, an advanced command-line
email client.  While Mutt runs as a separate program apart from Emacs,
it integrates satisfactorily by using Emacs as its editing program, and
displaying folder summaries, etc, in an Emacs buffer.

If you spend a lot of time working in Emacs it is very
convenient to manage you email there as well---especially if you use
predictive mode, or other text modes that are not available outside of
Emacs, or want the full range of Emacs editing commands at your


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