[OS X Emacs] M-x shell and file names with umlauts

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Oct 7 18:16:14 EDT 2008

Am 07.10.2008 um 22:30 schrieb David Reitter:

>>> Originally I was thinking of just modifying what M-x shell does,  
>>> but of course one could consider this.
>> This can be done by ~/.emacs_<shell interpreter> ...
> ??  I was going to do it in an internal file.

Of course! To alter the *shell* buffer's behaviour this easier means  
exists, one without side-effects (except confusion).

>> Other processes started from Emacs should also live in an UTF-8  
>> environment. Otherwise it would be confusing. And what the *shell*  
>> buffer offers should also be available in *term* or *eshell* buffers.
> Right.  How would one set the process coding system default?  `set- 
> process-coding-system' sets it for a specific process.  Or would  
> this be a matter of changing the (Default) Language Environment?
> I'm a bit worried that changing this may have far-reaching  
> consequences... A lot of processes get started by Emacs, from i/ 
> aspell to interpreters like Lisp...

I'd make it simple: (setenv "LC_ALL" ...) in the system init file, if  
not already set. I wouldn't use other ELisp constructs. They could  
have far more side-effects than telling Emacs that it runs in a so- 
and-so environment. Most of these come a time when a byte had seven  
US-ASCII bits ...

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