[OS X Emacs] Python Mode

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Oct 14 13:34:38 EDT 2008

    David> I have since (in CVS) removed python-mode.el because it displayed
    David> some buggy behavior, and python.el appeared to be an updated
    David> version.  Note that the python-mode v1.0 that is available for
    David> download at SF is three years old.

Can you spell out the buggy behavior?  I use it on a daily basis in XEmacs.
I don't doubt that there are bugs there though.  Neither Barry Warsaw nor I
have had much free time to work on it in two or three years.

As far as I know python.el shares no code with python-mode.el.  At some
point in the distant past one of the GNU Emacs folks submitted a gigantic
patch against python-mode.el which we didn't accept for a couple reasons.
The main reason was the by now well-work licensing complaint.  Incorporating
that patch would have required the code carry a GPL license.  python-mode.el
is/was distributed with the Python distribution, and they wouldn't accept
GPL code into Python.  (At least that's my recollection of the exchange.  I
care little for licensing issues and prefer to let other people have the

Anyway, as a result of our rejection of that mega-patch I believe David Love
wrote python.el from scratch.  I have no opinion either way which one is
better, having never tried python.el.

    David> If you can shed light on differences and advantages (and perhaps
    David> point me to a proper release of python-mode), we could decide
    David> what to include in 1.6.

I don't know if the above helps or not.  I think you probably want input
from people who've tried both.  I'll ask around on comp.lang.python and see
what feedback I get.


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