[OS X Emacs] LaTeX-section-label customization

Frédéric Dupont frederic.dupont at univ-brest.fr
Sun Oct 19 06:50:13 EDT 2008

Le 19 oct. 08 à 12:11, kbmail at free.fr a écrit :

> C-c C-s still gives me ":"...
> (I lauched "/Applications/Aquamacs\ Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Aquamacs 
> \ Emacs -q" from the terminal, and my prefs were indeed not loaded)
> I don't understand either...
> I think I'll eternaly have to correct ":" with "_"...
> It may be a kind of protection for prefixes to remain compatible  
> with the standard fancyrefargdelim ":" of the fancyref package...  
> Maybe the delimitor is "recalculated" (by functions in latex.el?) or  
> so...

Perhaps by customizing Reftex, e.g. "Reftex Section Prefixes" ?

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