[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs: Button Icons/Skim issues

Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD joseph.slater at wright.edu
Wed Sep 3 21:28:55 EDT 2008

On Sep 3, 2008, at 8:25 PM, David Reitter wrote:

> On 3 Sep 2008, at 19:20, Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD wrote:
>> I put the 1.5r3 release on a colleagues machine (upgrading from  
>> 1.2) and the button icons are correct when first opening Aquamacs,  
>> but change to the old ones after loading a TeX document. Further,  
>> it is not integrating with Skim by default, but preview. The  
>> default compile mode was not PDF (I thought it was). Maybe I'm  
>> wrong on that. However, I'm sure the buttons being used are the old  
>> ones. Thoughts?
> Is there perhaps another version of AUCTeX installed in your  
> colleague's load path?
> You can view the path by inspecting the Emacs variable `load-path'.

Not to sound like a fool, but.. how does one inspect a variable?

They had no .emacs file, so I don't know how another one would have  
been added in.

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