[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 1.5 and SyncTeX

Jeremy Van Cleve vancleve at stanford.edu
Sun Sep 21 15:38:05 EDT 2008

Thank you much to all who responded!

I have been able to modify the TeX-command-list to use the "-synctex=1" 
option and produce a .synctex.gz file, but I have had trouble getting 
the synchronization to work properly.  I can get Aquamacs to bring the 
window focus to Skim but the location in the pdf is far from the 
location in the source; likewise, when I try to move from the Skim to 
the source, the line number that Aquamacs moves to is incorrect.  Since 
support for synchronization using SyncTeX in AUCTeX was in the AUCTeX 
CVS, I downloaded the file that included the new 
"tex-source-correlate-mode" (tex.el), byte compiled it, and stuck it in 
the "Aquamacs Emacs.app/Contents/Resources/site-lisp/edit-modes/auctex" 
directory.  However, after turning on the mode, it didn't correct 
synchronization with Skim.  One thing I have noticed since upgrading to 
Aquamacs 1.5rc3 is that when I'm editing a LaTeX document in LaTeX-mode, 
line numbers do not show up at the bottom of the buffer; rather Aquamacs 
shows (??,col#).  Maybe this is part of the problem if Aquamacs is 
having trouble determining the line number in the source.  I have 
noticed that the line number shows up properly in other modes (e.g. MATLAB).

Thank again,


Alex Hamann wrote:
> Am 21.09.2008 um 18:31 schrieb Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD:
>> On Sep 21, 2008, at 9:01 AM, Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD wrote:
>>> On Sep 21, 2008, at 12:10 AM, Jeremy Van Cleve wrote:
>>>> Now that MacTeX-2008 has been released with binaries that support 
>>>> compiling documents with the "-synctex=1" option, what is the best 
>>>> way to use the support for SyncTeX that is in the AUCTeX cvs 
>>>> source?  Will Aquamacs wait until AUCTeX makes a new release, in 
>>>> which case Aquamacs 1.5 is unlikely to support SyncTeX?
>>> I can't answer these, but I got it working by modifying my latex 
>>> command in the preferences.
>> Specifically:
>> http://mactex-wiki.tug.org/wiki/index.php?title=SyncTeX
>> has instructions.
>> Joe
>> ________
> some more on this. Tried a few things today in order to get XeLaTeX 
> working with Aquamacs and SyncTeX. Works with these settings:
> open Aquamacs
> type: M-x latex mode
> go to the LaTeX menu, select Customize AucTeX:Browse Options
> go to TeX command group
> go to TeX command list
> insert a new item:
> Name: XeLaTeX_SyncteX
> Command: %`xelatex --synctex=1%(mode)%' %t
> check boxes for LaTeX and whatever else you want to use with this command
> save for future sessions
> Hope this helps,
> Alex
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