[OS X Emacs] cursor getting stuck

C. R. Oldham cro at ncbt.org
Thu Sep 25 11:30:20 EDT 2008


> Does this go away when you turn off visual-line-mode?


> I'd be able to fix this problem if you gave a step-by-step, minimal  
> example to reproduce.  I would think that only one of your packages  
> is sufficient to reproduce.
> I expect this to be related to some hidden chunks of text in the  
> buffer.

OK, I've narrowed it down to something having to do with ECB.  I took  
everything out of my Preferences.el except the ECB startup code, and I  
see the warping cursor behavior in most buffers when I start ECB.

In case you don't know, ECB is at


which has some special install instructions at


So what I did to test was start Emacs, start ECB with M-x ecb- 
activate, and C-x C-f to open my Preferences.el.  Scrolling around in  
the Preferences.el buffer results in strange point behavior (warping  
to different windows, bouncing around or getting "stuck" in code  

Is that a minimal enough report?

And is the correct "fix" simply to set the visual-line-mode global to  
nil in Preferences.el?


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