[OS X Emacs] cursor getting stuck

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 17:36:36 EDT 2008


> Changing the function of C-k will break macros, as well as
> my ~30 year emacs habits.  So I want to revert this change.

Yes, turn off global-visual-line-mode, as you've found out.  Apologies  
for only pointing you to the buffer-local mode - my mistake.

> I would rather that changes to the basic behavior of emacs be
> opt-in, rather than "what has the new release of Aquamacs broken
> and how can I restore it."  By all means experiment with how
> to extend emacs to work nicer on the Mac, e.g. add command-whatever
> behavior .. but require overt action to change the effect of
> fundamental emacs behavior.

I feel your pain.  Our principle has been to advance things in the  
default configuration.
Sometimes I go a bit far with this, because I don't anticipate the  
many ways in which Emacs is being used. Then, we make changes more  
specific so that they cover more use cases.  Two steps forward, one  
step back. This may be one such case.

When "soft wrap" and truncating are off (Options menu), lines are  
wrapped in mid-word.  This is used when a single file line does not  
contain a whole paragraph, unlike in soft wrap mode.  In such a  
situation, one would think that the concept of "line" refers to a  
"buffer line" rather than a visual line.

One can argue that in such a situation, C-a, C-e, C-k should also  
refer to "buffer line" rather than "visual line".

Do people agree?

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