[OS X Emacs] LaTeX toolbar problem

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Apr 1 10:05:18 EDT 2009

Am 01.04.2009 um 02:15 schrieb Norm Gall:

> Activate AUCTeX, from the menu LaTeX > Customize AUCTeX > Browse  
> Options

I can see these two (by Options -> Customize Emacs -> Groups Matching  
Regexp… TeX.* RET):

	Tex Tool Bar group: Go to Group
	   Tool bar support in AUCTeX.
	Tex Tool Bar Button Definitions group: Go to Group
	   Collections of button definitions.

and it's also documented:

	   AUCTeX comes with a special tool bar for TeX and LaTeX which
	provides buttons for the most important commands.  You can enable or
	disable it by customizing the options `plain-TeX-enable-toolbar' and
	`LaTeX-enable-toolbar' in the `TeX-tool-bar' customization group.

…never needed to use it! And the tool-bar is switched off to have  
more useful space. Therefore this customisation group is not shown.  
So I rearranged things. When I now try to set a change for the  
current session or try to save it, GNU Emacs 22.3 crashes:

	X protocol error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)  
on protocol request 53

This can also be due to Apple's X server ... (With GNU Emacs 23.0.91  
in GTK clothes it works, though.)

Trying it in Tiger's Carbon Emacs 22.2 it works as well. The  
customisation added or saved is (no copy, just a test):

	 '(TeX-bar-LaTeX-buttons (quote (save-buffer cut copy paste latex  
next-error view bibtex nil)))

So the things are working, somehow. I made my tests with a simplified  
init file, maybe you should try that also.


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   Pete       ~~_\\_/%
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