[OS X Emacs] dialog box issues - known problems?

Michael Gilbert mcg at gilbert.org
Tue Aug 11 16:42:06 EDT 2009

>> Yes, that was why I was asking. This was not a complaint. I wish to  
>> contribute to the process in a constructive manner. So, I was  
>> trying to find out if these are known and documented issues. I  
>> thought perhaps someone on this list might know.
> The best place to look right now is http:// 
> emacsbugs.donarmstrong.com and search for bugs in general or in  
> package "ns" (which is Nextstep == Cocoa).

Thank you for pointing me there. I want to participate constructively,  
but I am utterly new here. I will poke around there.

> Emacs 23.1 Nextstep (Cocoa) is not stable and reliable yet; this is  
> documented in etc/NEWS.  It really needs work.  E.g., it crashes in  
> its event loop quite often for me, but it's not reproducible.

*nod* THAT I knew, though it's been amazingly stable for me.

> The best way to help with the development is to figure out why (in  
> the code!) bugs occur and then describe the solution, either  
> verbally or by writing a patch.  Reporting bugs with all information  
> needed to reproduce is a minimal first step, but it is not very  
> effective when there are not enough people actually dealing with the  
> reports.  So: debug and write more code.

I would love to contribute code, but I'm neither a Cocoa/Objective C  
nor Lisp developer. I do know how to write up useful bug reports, but  
it sounds like you're telling me that I really shouldn't bother unless  
I can fix them myself. Am I hearing you right? I want to respect the  
norms of the development community here.

-- M

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