[OS X Emacs] How to set font?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Aug 11 21:38:56 EDT 2009

I don't understand how to set fonts.  I'm using the new preview 2 version.
For example, when running VM the summary window is in a variable width sans
serif font.  I executed M-x customize-face then scrolled down to the Vm
Summary Mode Default section and displayed what was there.  It listed the
font family as courier new, the height as 120 tenths, weight medium, slant
normal and inherit from autoface-default.  autoface-default just inherits
from default, which is a pretty generic looking Courier thing (foundry
apple, 130 tenths, black on white, medium weight, normal slant, etc).

So as far as I could tell my VM summary window should have displayed text in
something I would interpret as Courier-ish.  It wasn't, so I started messing
around.  First thing I did was turn off inherit and set for the current
session.  No change.  Then I tried changing the height from 120 to 150.  The
summary window I was viewing got MUCH BIGGER instantly, but still not Courier and not
fixed width.

I'm clearly barking up the right tree.  How do I get the squirrel to fall
out of it?

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