[OS X Emacs] [2.0 p2] Returning emacs standard command functionality

siemsen at ucar.edu siemsen at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 13 19:50:57 EDT 2009

I'm also running Aquamacs 2 preview 2.  When I do C-x C-f, I get a  

I'm posting because I had a similar problem.  By default, Aquamacs has  
C-x C-r bound to recentf-open-files.  In other Emacsen, C-x C-r runs  
find-file-read-only.  To restore the standard behavior, I added this  
to my startup file:

  (global-set-key "\C-x\C-r" 'find-file-read-only)

-- Pete

On Aug 12, 2009, at 7:53 AM, David Reitter wrote:

> On Aug 12, 2009, at 8:33 AM, Roland Whitehead wrote:
>> Running Aquamacs 2 preview 2, I notice that many of the standard  
>> keyboard functions have now been set to OS X style UI. Thus c-x c-f  
>> brings up the normal OS open file dialog. Now this might be good  
>> for the average user but I want to run tramp and open hidden files  
>> and access files by path. The average user can still used Cmd-o to  
>> open the normal OS open file dialog so shouldn't emacs commands be  
>> left alone?
> Actually, this was not a deliberate change, and also I cannot  
> reproduce the problem.  C-x C-f brings up the minibuffer as it used  
> to - that's how I load my files.
> Can you reproduce this when starting Aquamacs w/o customizations  
> (Help/Diagnose menu)?
> Also, can you isolate the setting / problem and file a bug report  
> via the official channel (Help/Diagnose menu again)?
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