[OS X Emacs] Fortran syntax highlighting in Aquamacs

Bill Sacks wsacks at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 11 11:05:14 EST 2009

I am using Aquamacs version 1.6.0.

I am editing some Fortran 77 files where the column width can be as  
wide as 132 characters. The syntax highlighting works fine for lines  
less than 72 characters wide, but breaks with wider lines. Mostly this  
means that the end of the line is colored as if it were a comment.  
More annoyingly, if a string runs past column 72, so that the closing  
quotation is past this point, then all future lines are colored as if  
they are a part of this string (until the next quotation mark).

Does anyone know how to change this behavior - for example, to  
configure the Fortran syntax highlighting so that it can handle 132- 
character lines rather than 72-character lines?


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