[OS X Emacs] Newbie question: Aquamacs autoscroll in second frameor buffer

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 17:16:48 EST 2009

On 27 Feb 2009, at 16:33, Christian Liesen wrote:

> I send code to R with C-c C-j, C-c C-p and C-c C-b. I followed your  
> advice to call R with M-x R, but to no avail. It does not scroll, no  
> matter where I open it (separate frame or split view or another tab)  
> or if I open it first or second. I erased all customization in all  
> groups, too, but there is no difference.
> Anything else I could try?

OK, I managed to reproduce it with these steps:

Yes, start Aquamacs without customization (Help -> Diagnose) menu.
Type this:

M-x R-mode RET
C-x C-o
Command-{   (or select the *scratch* tab with the mouse)
C-c C-j
C-c C-j
C-c C-j
C-c C-j

That's roughly the level of detail needed to reproduce such problems...

Now, I'm reproducing the same without most of the Aquamacs  
configuration, i.e. with what is close to GNU Emacs 22.
This suggests that it's ESS that causes this (non-)behavior.

In Google, I type "ESS eval scroll bottom".  The first result is a  
page on xemacs.org, showing me the answer to the question: comint- 

I set that variable to 'others, which can be done easily through the  
customization interface (Options -> Customize Aquamacs -> Specific  
Option).  Works for me.

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