[OS X Emacs] Fixed width fonts in mail composition buffer?

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 10:55:59 EST 2009

On 19 Jan 2009, at 10:46, skip at pobox.com wrote:

>    David> You read the change log, the manual, or simply look in the
>    David> Options menu where there is a prominent menu item to turn  
> off
>    David> Autoface mode and to choose another font (such as Monaco).
> I tried turning off autoface mode.  It did nothing.

Trust me, it turns it off.
As I said, there is also a function to choose the desired font.  Use  
it after turning autoface mode off.

> Is the ChangeLog accessible from inside Aquamacs, maybe from the Help
> toolbar menu?

It appears on first startup after upgrading, and it is accessible as  
part of the manual.

>  I find the Aquamacs Help more annoying than helpful.  It
> opens up some sort of window which appears to display the an info  
> document.
> Clicking most links (like "Changes-- 1.6") appears to do nothing.

I just did this, clicked on "Changes-- 1.6" and it brought me straight  
to the list of changes.

>  In
> addition, that window is always on top of the window stack.

Yes, that is a "feature" of the OS X help system.  I'm not fond of  
that feature either.

> Is there some
> option for simply viewing info files through a normal Emacs window?

No.  If someone is interested in implementing that, I think it  
wouldn't be too hard.  The whole manual is available in .tex form, and  
from that I guess it should be possible to translate it to "info"  
files somehow.

> Choose another font where?  There is more than a single choice (who  
> knows if
> I'm even looking in approximately the right place):

Options -> Appearances -> Font

If you like to use the customization interface, customize the  
"default" face (after turning off Autoface).
That's just like in any GNU Emacs.

Hope that helps.

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