[OS X Emacs] Fixed width fonts in mail composition buffer?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Jan 19 11:38:29 EST 2009

    >> I tried turning off autoface mode.  It did nothing.

    David> Trust me, it turns it off.

It had no effect on the current mail composition buffer.  I'm returning to a
GNU Emacs derived version of Emacs after using XEmacs for many years.  In
XEmacs interface when you select a new font size or font family it
on-the-spot rifles through all the fonts, changing things and it lets you
know about it in the minibuffer.  I apologize, but I judge "works" by how
XEmacs did things.  I don't expect everyone to understand where I'm coming

    >> Is the ChangeLog accessible from inside Aquamacs, maybe from the Help
    >> toolbar menu?

    David> It appears on first startup after upgrading, and it is accessible
    David> as part of the manual.

    >> I find the Aquamacs Help more annoying than helpful.  It opens up
    >> some sort of window which appears to display the an info document.
    >> Clicking most links (like "Changes-- 1.6") appears to do nothing.

    David> I just did this, clicked on "Changes-- 1.6" and it brought me
    David> straight to the list of changes.

Worked this time.  Was there perhaps some "compilation" time involved in the
first use which I was impatient enough not to wait for?

    >> In addition, that window is always on top of the window stack.

    David> Yes, that is a "feature" of the OS X help system.  I'm not fond
    David> of that feature either.

    >> Is there some option for simply viewing info files through a normal
    >> Emacs window?

    David> No.  If someone is interested in implementing that, I think it
    David> wouldn't be too hard.  The whole manual is available in .tex
    David> form, and from that I guess it should be possible to translate it
    David> to "info" files somehow.

Can you point me to the code that does this?  Why not distribute info files
in addition to or instead of TeX files?

    >> Choose another font where?  There is more than a single choice (who
    >> knows if I'm even looking in approximately the right place):

    David> Options -> Appearances -> Font

I now have Courier font in my mail composition buffer.  *Much* better.
Things line up nicely, as the gods intended. ;-)

    David> If you like to use the customization interface, customize the
    David> "default" face (after turning off Autoface).  That's just like in
    David> any GNU Emacs.

    David> Hope that helps.

Yes, thanks...

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