[OS X Emacs] Fixed width fonts in mail composition buffer?

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:45:51 EST 2009

On 19 Jan 2009, at 11:38, skip at pobox.com wrote:
>>> I tried turning off autoface mode.  It did nothing.
>    David> Trust me, it turns it off.
> It had no effect on the current mail composition buffer.  I'm  
> returning to a
> GNU Emacs derived version of Emacs after using XEmacs for many  
> years.  In
> XEmacs interface when you select a new font size or font family it
> on-the-spot rifles through all the fonts, changing things and it  
> lets you
> know about it in the minibuffer.  I apologize, but I judge "works"  
> by how
> XEmacs did things.  I don't expect everyone to understand where I'm  
> coming
> from.

I understand.
When  you turn off this mode, then all mode-related settings should be  
removed and undone.
That means that the overall "default" face will be applied (unless you  
made your own settings elsewhere).
The overall default face is variable width.  That's why you will need  
to set it to Monaco manually, if you prefer that.

If Autoface is on, then all text and derived modes are variable width,  
but all buffer contents of buffers in other modes are shown in fixed  

>    David> I just did this, clicked on "Changes-- 1.6" and it brought  
> me
>    David> straight to the list of changes.
> Worked this time.  Was there perhaps some "compilation" time  
> involved in the
> first use which I was impatient enough not to wait for?

Quite possibly so; I think I observed something similar.  This is  
Apple's help system.

>    David> No.  If someone is interested in implementing that, I  
> think it
>    David> wouldn't be too hard.  The whole manual is available in .tex
>    David> form, and from that I guess it should be possible to  
> translate it
>    David> to "info" files somehow.
> Can you point me to the code that does this?  Why not distribute  
> info files
> in addition to or instead of TeX files?

Could be done if someone writes code that does the translation.
The .tex files are in doc/latex/aquamacs.tex and doc/latex/changes.tex.
The existing compilation code (for .tex -> .html) is in build/make- 

Info files for the Aquamacs manual and change log would be nice  
indeed, as would be a switch in the Help menu "Use Emacs Info system".
I expect a patch from you :-)

- David

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