[OS X Emacs] Something's still not right about the font stuff

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 20 23:24:57 EST 2009

    David> I don't know VM, and I don't even know by what means you can
    David> select a font specifically for those buffers without Autoface
    David> mode unless VM does that somehow.

I think this is general capability. nothing VM does.  When visiting a VM
folder it redoes the menu bar completely, but the Help menu (also reworked)
has as its first menu item "Switch to Emacs Toolbar".  Selecting that gets
back to the regular File/Edit/Options/... menu bar.  From that I click in
the window of interest, then from Options>Appearance I select the item "Font
for <whatever> mode", then select the font doodads I want from the Macish
dialog box that pops up.

    David> Generally, if `default-frame-alist' and the `default' face are
    David> consistent, autoface and the old `aquamacs-styles-mode' are off,
    David> then there is no reason why another font would be chosen.  Check
    David> `face-remapping-alist' as well, perhaps.  

    ((default . lisp-interaction-mode-default) (fringe fringe :inherit default))
    ((tool-bar-lines . 1) (menu-bar-lines . 1) (foreground-color . "Black") (background-color . "White") (cursor-type . box) (cursor-color . "Red") (vertical-scroll-bars . right) (left-fringe . 1) (right-fringe) (fringe))

I see no variable called "default" or "default-face" or any variable
containing both "face" and "default" which look related to your description.

    David> Autoface has some timers that detect "naughty" (incorrectly
    David> implemented) major modes.  But if it is turned off (with
    David> (autoface-mode 0) for instance) then the timers will be
    David> cancelled.

Ok, wait a minute.  I turned off autoface mode in a previous session and
thought I had saved options.  Now it's back on.  My description in the first
paragraph must have been with autoface mode on.  So, now that I actually
have autoface off for the moment I see Options>Appearance>Font which affects
the entire session.  *argh* Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.  This whole gui
thing is just not sitting well with my glass-tty-at-heart brain.

    David> If you suspect a bug, then we will need a minimal test case to
    David> investigate (without third-party packages like VM if possible).
    David> Or perhaps somebody else who knows VM can contribute some ideas.

<grin style="sheepish">
I'm not aware of a test case to detect pilot error.

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