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David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 15:22:41 EDT 2009

I'm attaching a message from an Aquamacs user below - one of many that  
I have received.

People would like imaxima included.  I looked into this a while ago  
and thought that there are a lot of dependencies.  Still, it might be  
nice to include support at least at some level.

Is anyone here interested in these packages and could make the  
necessary changes in Aquamacs to include them, and then maintain the  
configuration of packages in the distribution?

- David

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Salvatore Enrico Indiogine <xxx>
> Date: July 1, 2009 3:13:02 PM EDT
> To: David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 2.0+ nightly build
> David:

> I was trying to find an emacs distribution that had the  imaxima  and
> imath packages:
> http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/imaxima/Site/Welcome.html
> I am sorry that Aquamacs does not include this package.  Other emacsen
> do.  But I like Aquamacs much more than any other emacs distribution.
> I am not good at installing packages and really would love if the
> Aquamacs developers would include imaxima/imath in Aquamacs.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Enrico

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