[OS X Emacs] order of tabs follows last-visited buffers?

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Tue Jul 14 18:40:46 EDT 2009


sorry if this has already been discussed. In the Aquamacs 1.8 release,  
I observed the following behaviour: if I open files in many buffers,  
there is only a limited number of tabs visible (naturally) and,  
usually, there is not enough space to show all buffers next to each  
other. If I visit one of the buffers on the left-hand side of the  
list, tabs are scrolled appropriately so I can see the tab  
corresponding to the current buffer. If I then visit one of the  
buffers on the extreme right-hand side of the list, I see the same  
behaviour for the second buffer: the list of tabs is scrolled  

However, the order of tabs remains the same and I would prefer a  
different approach: I find that I have always lots of buffers opened  
in Aquamacs but quite often focus on editing groups of few buffers  
(e.g. copying between them, looking up references; files belonging to  
different projects and/or different contexts: latex vs programming).  
For this (possibly quite common) workflow it would be much better if  
the order of tabs changed when visiting a buffer so that the order of  
tabs reflects the order of last visited buffers. This would  
dramatically increase chances that the buffer I am looking for is  
currently visible (i.e. immediately clickable) in the tab bar.

Maybe there is a better way to organize my buffers and I am using tabs  
all wrong?

Many thanks in advance.
Warm regards,
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