[OS X Emacs] (does anyone here have knowledge of the) interaction between clipboard and kill-ring?

Michael Gilbert mcg at gilbert.org
Tue Jul 14 20:22:30 EDT 2009

Hi --

I'm wondering if there is some place else I should turn for knowledge  
about the interaction between the Mac OS clipboard and the Aquamacs  
kill-ring. Is this an obvious issue that I missed in the FAQ? (I hope  
I didn't, but I might have overlooked it.)

This is what I was asking:

I recently posted to this list about weird problems with refiling in  
Org-Mode on Aquamacs. I have since determined that it has something to  
do with the interaction between the Mac OS clipboard and the kill- 
ring. Basically, what I see happening is this:

I kill something in Aquamacs and then try to yank it elsewhere, using  
the orgmode refiling automation. I can't tell if it's killing properly  
at all. I do know that whatever it tries to yank is the last thing in  
the Mac OS clipboard. In this specific case, it's pretty much never  
the heading that I was trying to move.

Can anyone comment on how the kill-ring and clipboard interact? Or how  
I might further investigate this problem?


-- Michael

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