[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 2.0 icon survey - results

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 14:03:03 EDT 2009

To those who participated in our icon survey: thank you.

The comments I received were diverse, and people picked a number of  
favorites.  However, the clear winner at this point is the current  
(Aquamacs 1.x series) icon, the brown gnu (yak/horse) head.

Now, there are two things to consider regarding this survey:  due to  
brand recognition, there must be a bias for the existing logo.   
Second, asking existing users for a ranking does not directly tell us  
what the best icon for a new Aquamacs is or which one would give us a  
bigger user base.  With these points in mind, I asked you also for  
your explanations in addition to a ranking.

Icon #6 is popular because it "stands out", i.e. is recognizable  
compared to other icons in the Dock.  Among the prevalent criticisms  
for icons 2-5 were that there is too much clutter, and that Mac icons  
normally don't communicate a message via a word (such as "Aquamacs").

Regarding the icons showing a notepad, especially #1, many  
participants expressed that they see Emacs / Aquamacs as so much more  
than just a notepad or a text editor.  And while they sounded positive  
about #1, they also pointed out that it is much less recognizable than  

Thanks again for your feedback.  I will initiate a discussion about  
the way forward on aquamacs-devel.  Join that mailing list to exchange  
your ideas.

-  David Reitter

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