[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs Emacs 1.8

Arthur Ogus ogus at math.berkeley.edu
Mon Jul 20 00:12:31 EDT 2009

Dear David,

I probably  won't be able to help you debug it, since I'm getting  
ready to leave for a conference, but I should report that when I tried  
to install
Aquamacs emacs 1.8 c2 on my laptop, I noticed that it said that a new  
feature was better handling of tex trees.  In fact I had the opposite  
I got warnings that local-variables were wrong, and it was unable to  
create any new buffers in latex mode at all.  reverting to 1.5 fixed  
the problem.


Arthur Ogus

On Jun 18, 2009, at 8:55 AM, David Reitter wrote:

> The Aquamacs Project has released Aquamacs Emacs 1.8, an improved  
> version of the leading Mac-friendly variant of the widely-used  
> editor GNU Emacs. It is a versatile, fast and mature editor for  
> source code, web pages, typesetting documents and all other forms of  
> text. Emacs is a text editor of legendary flexibility and has made  
> millions of programmers and writers more productive. Numerous  
> packages allow users to extend its functionality. Version 1.8  
> addresses issues reported by users and adds a function to select  
> tabs directly using numeric keys.
> Direct download link:
> 	http://aquamacs.org/download-release.shtml
> Change log and downloads:
> 	http://aquamacs.org/download.shtml#changelog
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