[OS X Emacs] seeing artifacts from certain characters

Jonathan Swartz swartz at pobox.com
Tue Jul 28 12:53:22 EDT 2009

Ah, thanks. Here it is for one of the '@':

   character: @ (64, #o100, #x40, U+0040)
     charset: ascii (ASCII (ISO646 IRV))
  code point: #x40
      syntax: . 	which means: punctuation
    category: a:ASCII graphic characters 32-126 (ISO646 IRV:1983[4/0])  
buffer code: #x40
   file code: #x40 (encoded by coding system undecided-unix)
     display: by this font (glyph code)

I just noticed, too, that the artifact in a space will go away if I  
move the cursor over it.


On Jul 28, 2009, at 1:39 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 28.07.2009 um 05:27 schrieb Jonathan Swartz:
>> What's the easiest way to tell what font is being used?
> Position the text cursor on any such character and type: C-u C-x =.  
> In *Help* window you'll see some explication (and you can customise  
> what you want to see). You can repeat this and browse in the *Help*  
> window forwards and backwards.
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