[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs: Latex does not work

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at ira.uka.de
Mon Mar 2 05:37:55 EST 2009

Hi David,

Am 27.02.2009 um 22:26 schrieb David Reitter:

> Hi Thomas,
> On 27 Feb 2009, at 15:09, Thomas Käufl wrote:
>> ...
> Aquamacs sets a few additional paths (to TeXLive) in case the user  
> hasn't set them.  This is why you see additional paths.

then, we are on a Mac, the (default) path should be /usr/texbin.
As far as I know, texbin is a symbolic link made by Mac-Tex.

> ...
> What is the value of your `shell-file-name'?

on the G5:

echo $shell

on the G4:

[i10mac8:~] kaeufl% echo $shell
[i10mac8:~] kaeufl% echo $SHELL

> What is the value of $PATH when you start Terminal.app (without  
> starting another shell)?
> The default login shell is essential here.  The $PATH needs to be  
> correct there.
> ...

After starting a login shell on the G4:

Welcome to Darwin!
i10mac8:~ kaeufl$ echo $SHELL
i10mac8:~ kaeufl$ echo $PATH
i10mac8:~ kaeufl$

The same values are obtained on the G5

I hope this helps

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