[OS X Emacs] LaTeX toolbar problem

Norm Gall gall at spookyhill.net
Tue Mar 31 12:04:45 EDT 2009


I think I am just overlooking the obvious here because I simply cannot  
find anyone else talking about this specific problem.

I got the new Carbon Emacs (2009) when it came out. When I loaded  
a .tex document, the toolbar had an undo icon, a separator, and then  
the standard latex icons. I used to have cut, copy, and paste icons on  
the right hand side of that separator.

So I go to the customisation for that a-list (Customize Group: Tex  
Tool Bar, Tex Bar Latex Buttons). I find a check box list:

[ ] open-file
[ ] save-buffer
[X] cut
[X] copy
[X] paste
[X] undo
[X] [separator nil]
[X] latex
[X] next-error
[X] view
[X] file
[X] bibtex
[ ] clean
[ ] latex-symbols-experimental

So, I turn off undo and the separator. Save, relaunch, undo and  
separator are gone from the toolbar (as expected). So, I turn cut copy  
paste on, undo off, separator on. All I see is the separator and the  
standard LaTeX icons. I continue to fool around trying to get anything  
more than the undo to show on the right side of the separator. No joy.

My question is precisely what is going on here? Is there a bug in  
AucTeX that gags on those first 5 options? They seem to show up fine  
in text mode.

Any help or insights would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Norm Gall

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