[OS X Emacs] LaTeX on Aquamacs 1.7 not working

William R. (Bill) Greene wrg at acm.org
Mon May 18 21:38:45 EDT 2009

On 2009-05-18 , at 12:41:08, David Reitter wrote:

> I would recommend to try first by starting Aquamacs without  
> customizations (Help->Diagnose menu), and, if that doesn't work, re- 
> install Aquamacs from a freshly downloaded copy (you can download a  
> more recent, bug-fixed build of Aquamacs at http://aquamacs.org/nightlies.shtml 
>   (choose the 22 series build for PPC).

The link under "Builds for Mac OS X / PPC" is bad ("The requested URL / 
~dr/Aquamacs/22/builds/Aquamacs-PPC-2009-Apr-20.tar.bz2 was not found  
on this server.").

Bill Greene

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