[OS X Emacs] Re: "perfect" Aquamacs settings

gilberto.c gilberto.c at laposte.net
Thu Oct 29 04:01:19 EDT 2009

> I have a hard time customizing Emacs though
> because of my inexperience with it. Also, Aquamacs behaves
> "normally" with frames and opening and closing buffers. Emacs in
> Ubuntu does not behave as we would think an application should behave.
> Sorry for not being more specific, but it is a whole series of
> little things that today you would never expect from an application.

I share Enrico's concern. Aquamacs is the "perfect" Emacs. When I'm forced to work on XP, I miss a lot of 
Aquamacs features, like the recent items that you get with C-x C-r, or its one buffer-one frame behavior, or 
even the ability to easily customize the background color for different modes. Of course, David Reitter doesn't 
the time to pull off the trick for Emacs on other platforms.

Enrico's original question was, Is it possible to create an
> .emacs config file for Linux using the settings that I have for
> Aquamacs?

By the way, as I understand it, Aquamacs doesn't really use the .emacs file (although it does load it), but rather 
the preferences.el and customizations.el files in the ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs\ Emacs/ directory.

Enrico, while someone undertakes the job of turning Emacs as great as Aquamacs is (thanks David), I believe 
that it is there that you should search for some of the lines that you'd like to copy into your Linux .emacs file. 
(Others hide inside the Aquamacs package -- Inside the site-lisp directory?)

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