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David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:48:53 EDT 2009

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On Sep 1, 2009, at 11:35 AM, Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD wrote:

> Maybe I'm lazy (alright, I'm lazy), but the easier solution is to  
> just set the default Aquamacs setting in Skim to use the full path.

Right, but... that doesn't solve the problem for anyone but you!

>> Is the problem perhaps that Skim runs the wrong emacsclient - the  
>> one that comes with OSX and is built for 22, which is incompatible  
>> with the 23 Emacs?
> Yes. I tested this by:
> sudo mv /usr/bin/emacsclient /usr/bin/emacsclient_old
> This leads to a handful of solutions (in my meager programing skill  
> set):
> a) Aquamacs on first run replaces the /usr/bin/emacsclient with its  
> own on first run

Can't do.  You're running as a user, not as root.

> b) Users are asked to do this
> c) The standard Skim setting for Aquamacs points to the binary  
> explicitly.

Skim can't easily find out where the "correct" Aquamacs.app is located.

> David: Do you think we (I) ought to file a bug report with Skim to  
> put the full path in? I think it's really Skim's job to find emacs  
> in the inverse search.

No, the problem lies with Emacs.  The devs thought they could simply  
break compatibility with the new emacsclient.  This works if you do  
system-central installations like in Windows and GNU/Linux ("sudo make  
install"), but not with a modern, self-contained .app bundle.  Just  
one more example of bad design + cross-platform ignorance...

I forgot to mention that I have actually done something about this a  
while ago, and it should be in the nightly builds already.

Tools -> Install Command Line Tools should install a new emacsclient  
now.  Please test.

And if I remember correctly Aquamacs will also check and give a  
warning if the installed emacsclient is old.

Please check.  If it's not working, maybe I need to merge the feature  
from my dr/dev branch.

> Anyone crazy enough to be using Aquamacs now should understand that  
> they may have to fix stuff like this themselves, if only as a  
> crutch, so I'm happy with it.

Did you mean to say "Aquamacs 2.0 preview"?

I can only reiterate: if people keep coming up with hacks that patch  
up the problem locally, we'll never make progress and we'll never have  
an Aquamacs release.

You're all smart enough to learn to fix the real problem.
And, excuse the sarcasm, unlike me, many of the Aquamacs users have  
tenure and could do with a bit of hacking :-)

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