[OS X Emacs] Re: Aquamacs+Skim inverse search

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Thu Sep 3 18:04:30 EDT 2009

On Sep 3, 2009, at 8:51 AM, Giovanni Lanzani wrote:
<skip at pobox.com> writes:
>> Perhaps dumb question, but:
>>    * what is "inverse search"?
> I guess what they wanted is that when you click on a pdf (created with
> TeX/LaTeX) within Skim (see below), Emacs automatically brings you to
> the corresponding point in the .tex file.

I was just composing that answer. :-)  To dispel a possible  
misimpression, though, I would note that other OS X LaTeX environments  
also support inverse search (notably, TeXShop) and that inverse search  
is also possible under Linux/FreeBSD and Windows.  Notably, under  
Linux/FreeBSD, inverse search works nicely between Emacs and the DVI  
viewer xdvi and under Windows it works with both Emacs (with some  
tweaking) and WinEdt in conjunction with the Yap DVI viewer.  (None of  
these platforms seems to support pdfsync in the robust way that OS X  
does.)  I would also note that the opposite capability -- clicking at  
a point in one's source .tex file and having the PDF/DVI preview jump  
to the corresponding point -- is usually called "forward search".   
This is also possible on all the platforms noted as well.

>>    * what is "Skim"?
> It is a very capable (and opensource) pdf-reader for Mac Os X.

It also enables you to annotate PDFs very nicely.  Really a terrific  

Chris Menzel

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