[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs+Skim inverse search

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Sep 1 15:09:07 EDT 2009

Am 01.09.2009 um 20:33 schrieb Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD:

> Can we be friends?

Why not?

>> You could easily provide an installer package which puts  
>> emacsclient in a more useful place. Your old command line tools  
>> installation routine could be used when Aquamacs is first invoked  
>> after "installation" and it found that the command line tools need  
>> an update.
> One could easily argue that Aquamacs shouldn't install emacsclient  
> at all, as in then messes up Apple's 22.1 emacs installation.

I wouldn't do that and I wouldn't call that reasonable. Apple's emacs  
stuff is crippled, there is really no sense in using it.

> Anyplace else in the path will leave either the terminal emacs or  
> Aquamacs with the wrong emacsclient.

Not necessarily. For Emacsen you can set in your init file:

	(setenv "PATH" (concat "/some/directory/inside/the/application/ 
bundle" ":" (getenv "PATH")))

Every process outside Emacs that is not created to first run in it a  
login shell, which can easily override inherited settings, will then  
search emacsclient inside this Emacs' application bundle. When  
running a shell interpreter inside Emacs, in *shell* or as a shell  
command or such, this setting will not be valid.

> Installing the binaries for 23.1 does indeed break Aquamacs Emacs  
> (based on  Emacs 22)

Not completely for this Emacs instance, as mentioned before.

> so that it's not really possible to use this solution and work with  
> both on the same machine without jockeying.

Mac OS X is no testbed. You can only have one application running. If  
you want to deviate from Mac OS X principles, you can do it. But then  
don't blame others.

> One solution that allows testing of the new Aquamacs and usage of  
> the older Aquamacs Emacs (since it's not in prerelease state... a  
> good idea) is to leave the old binaries in place and explicitly set  
> the path in Skim.

Then Skim can only work with one of the two or more Emacsen.

> David correctly points out that this path isn't the same on every  
> machine unless Aquamacs has a defined location. The other is  
> (apprently?) to install the 23 binary elsewhere, and make sure it  
> is ahead in the path as observed by Aquamacs, but not by  
> AquamacsEmacs/other emacs 22.

Therefore my recommendation of /usr/local/bin. And I also recommend  
to install the X client. Two real good working Emacsen is better than  
one with limited abilities. And both can share 77 or more MB of Elisp  



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