[OS X Emacs] R slow in ESS in Aquamacs

Paul Rathouz prathouz at uchicago.edu
Thu Sep 17 16:30:49 EDT 2009

Hi All -- I am running R withing ESS within Aquamacs. I am running a 
simple program which defines two functions and tests them.  It looks like 

starttime <- proc.time()

When I select this code and then run it in ESS using the command 
ess-eval-region, the
result in the R window is:

> proc.time()-starttime
    user  system elapsed
   0.059   0.005  12.149

(the last number is the actual real time I waited for the code to 
execute). When I run the program in batch mode from a terminal window 
(using R CMD BATCH...), the result is:

> proc.time()
    user  system elapsed
   0.839   0.054   0.890

Does anyone know how come this executes so much more slowly in ESS in 
Aquamacs? I vaguely remember this issue arising before, but it was a long 
time ago and much appears to have changed in Aquamacs since then.

Thanks much -- pr

Paul Rathouz, Assoc. Professor of Biostatistics           ph 773-834-1970
Dept. of Health Studies, Rm. W-264                       fax 773-702-1979
University of Chicago                               prathouz at uchicago.edu
5841 S. Maryland Ave. MC 2007
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