[OS X Emacs] Re: problem C-x C-f 'ing a file in two windows

xioni xioni at bogley.com
Sat Apr 10 20:50:33 EDT 2010

> On Apr 9, 2010, at 2:53 AM, xioni wrote:
>> however, recently it changed and instead C-x C-f brings into focus the file in the previous frame rather than opening it in the new frame. 
> On Apr 9, 2010, at 11:18 AM, David Reitter wrote:
> Can you determine when it changed, i.e. between which Aquamacs versions exactly?

in this particular case i do not remember, but i can say it was recently. within the last year, 

>> my work computer still is on aquamacs 1.5 and the desired behavior still exists there.
> Aquamacs 1.5 came out a long time ago, with thousands of little changes in the meantime.

sorry, i'd like explain more clearly.   i mentioned that in passing, the main point was that it was at a point in time (that i still have preserved) where either aquamacs  or my customizations.el/.emacs file/preferences.el files generated the desired effect.  i proceeded to scour each of these files (associated with the 1.5 distribution)  to see which line of code made the desired effect appear and disappear by placing them into the same files associated with aquamacs emacs distribution 1.9 on a different computer.  what i found was that the following single line of code

'(aquamacs-customization-version-id 100 t)

placed into the new 1.9 distribution on the new computer, produced the desired effect.

>> so, i just spent a few minutes toying around with  custom-set-variables in  customizations.el and the behavior i desire seems to be given by the following 
> No, that is just an internal variable so Aquamacs can tell which version of Aquamacs wrote the customizations file.  Of course, a range of internal things depend on this so that users upgrading to newer versions do not have to change too many settings.

i figured that this line of code did a range of things.  it seems apparent to me that one of the things it'd doing is producing the desired effect just as i would like it.  i don't know how to tell what customizations this line of code does or  what further i should explore if there is a more appropriate solution. 

> Try turning off tabbar-mode (Options menu).
> This may give you the desired behavior - at least it does so for me.

i always keep the tabbar-mode off  with the following in my .emacs file

(if (functionp 'tool-bar-mode)
    (tool-bar-mode nil))

also i have 

 '(one-buffer-one-frame-mode nil nil (aquamacs-frame-setup))

in my Preferences.el file.



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