[OS X Emacs] setting the mouse cursor color

siemsen at ucar.edu siemsen at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 22 16:10:50 EDT 2010

I want to set the color of the mouse cursor in Aquamacs 2.0preview5.  I don't mean point, or buffer cursor, which I can see fine, and control the color of with set-cursor-color.  I mean the mouse cursor.  I use light text on dark backgrounds.  In Aquamacs, the mouse cursor is a shape like an uppercase "I", a good shape for positioning between characters when selecting text.  Trouble is, it's displayed with a dark color, so it can't be easily seen against a dark background.  I can only see it dimly, while moving the mouse around, as the "I" covers parts of the characters in the buffer.

How do I set the color of the mouse cursor?

-- Pete

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