[OS X Emacs] Re: Aquamacs Cursor movement and word wrapping: C-e, C-a, C-n, C-p

Howard Melman hmelman at verizon.net
Fri Apr 23 13:49:24 EDT 2010

David Reitter <david.reitter <at> gmail.com> writes:

> in future versions of Aquamacs, would you like the C-e, C-a, C-n,
> C-p move according to buffer lines, or according to visual lines?  
> Note that these are different things when soft word wrapping is turned on.
> In such a case, if they moved by buffer lines, then C-a would move
> to the beginning of the paragraph (i.e. the long buffer line that is
> displayed wrapped), and analogously for the other key commands.
> It may be less surprising for people if C-e, C-a, C-n, C-p acted on
> visually displayed lines.
> We can then provide extra bindings for the buffer lines, probably
> C-E, C-A, C-N, C-P. 
> Your input would be appreciated.

Please make it work based on visual line. This is what emacs has done
for decades (long before there was soft wrapping). 

backwards-paragraph can move to the beginning of a paragraph
nothing else would move to the beginning of a visual line.


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