[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs and autopair

Ieyasu Sugimoto ieyasu at sugimoto.at
Mon Aug 2 15:28:33 EDT 2010


I just want to ask if somebody is using Aquamacs with autopair (http://code.google.com/p/autopair/ 

I have the problem that when I enter one of the "special brackets { }  
or [ ], then the brackets are not added, but instead the minibuffer  
gives the error message "wrong type argument: characterp,  
134217784" ({) or "wrong type argument: characterp, 134217785" (}) or  
"wrong type argument: characterp, 134217781" {[} or "wrong type  
argument: characterp, 134217782" (]).

The thing is I am using a German Keyboard which also might be the  
culprit. I have posted the problem already to the developer of  
autopair, who now has the question whether autopair works with  
Aquamacs and English keyboards.
Any information would be appreciated.


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