[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs and autopair

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Mon Aug 2 15:53:12 EDT 2010

On Aug 2, 2010, at 12:28 PM, Ieyasu Sugimoto wrote:

>  I have posted the problem already to the developer of autopair, who now has the question whether autopair works with Aquamacs and English keyboards.

Seems to work for me. I haven't used it before, but after loading it and enabling the mode, I find that when I type into a text file

 this is an {

what I see is
 this is an {}

with the cursor inside the {}

I also tried setting my system language to Deutsch (but with no other hardware or configuration changes), and things still work properly.

But probably the most interesting experiment would be for you, with your standard Aquamacs init files, to try an English keyboard (if you can find one). That might help distinguish whether the problem is your configuration files, or the system itself.

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