[OS X Emacs] Re: ? How to install Aquamacs-Emacs-1.9.dmg ?

Joachim Osnabryg osna at jpberlin.de
Fri Feb 12 12:07:50 EST 2010

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Am 12.02.2010, 17:19 Uhr, schrieb Peter Dyballa <Peter_Dyballa at web.de>:

> Am 12.02.2010 um 12:04 schrieb Joachim Osnabryg:
>> How to install Aquamacs-Emacs on OSX 10.4 Tiger?
> By using an old variant compiled for Tiger?(Recent Mac OS X version is  
> 10.6.)

Oh, sorry if I downloaded the wrong version, but that should be made  
somewhat clearer on the download page that it presupposes OSX 10.6!

Now I'm lost which version to download for installing on MacOSX 10.4  
Tiger, and where to find it.
Aquamacs Emacs 1.8 or 1.7 or else?

Or better to compile it from source, which one, where to find?

I would be very thankful, if someone could give me the link to the  
appropriate version and web address!
Sorry for my ignorance…

regards, joachim
Mac BacicTeX 2009 - TeXShop 2.29 / TeXworks 0.2.3
LyX 1.6.5 - MacBook Pro intel OSX 10.4.11 Tiger

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