[OS X Emacs] Re: ? How to install Aquamacs-Emacs-1.9.dmg ?

Joachim Osnabryg osna at jpberlin.de
Fri Feb 12 18:45:44 EST 2010

Am 12.02.2010, 19:55 Uhr, schrieb David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com>:
> Alright, that explains it.
> Your system is missing the Monaco font, or Monaco is disabled or  
> corrupted.  Monaco is a standard font installed with the operating  
> system and is needed by the application.
> To fix this problem, start the "Font Book" application and make sure  
> Monaco is there and enabled.

I have Monaco.ttf (Windows True Type font) in (home) ~/Library/Fonts
and also in /Library/Fonts

Thereover, in /System/Library/Fonts/ I have Monaco.dfont (That should be  
the system font, you were talking about, I suppose).

It (don't know which one of them) seems to be enabled insofar I can chose  
it in many programs, even here in Opera Mail module, if I wanted HTML  

For experimenting, I put away the ~/Library/Fonts/Monaco.ttf

But that helped not further.

> If it isn't available at all, you can probably retrieve it from another  
> machine or possibly the OS X install disc.

I'll have a look at it tomorrow (today) morning.

> Let me know if that helped.

Of course.

If you already have an hypothesis about, what is wrong or what I should  
try, let me know.

regards, joachim
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