[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs windows to mac encoding

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at ira.uka.de
Mon Feb 15 14:53:00 EST 2010


Am 15. Feb 2010 um 19:43 schrieb David Romano:

> I just starting using Aquamacs version 1.9 and I'm seeing behavior  
> I don't see when using an earlier verion:  When I view a file sent  
> from a Windows machine, there are ^M^M characters at the end of  
> every line. I've only found a response in the archive by Peter  
> Dyballa that says one can use C-x RET f, ...

this sequence of keys allows to select the coding system for the
text. In most cases, mac-roman-mac is a good choice.

> but when I do this, I'm still not sure which coding to use, and no  
> matter what I try, the ^M^M persist.

As far as I know, ^M^M is the coding of the line ends in the
windows world. Emacs shows the coding of the line ends at
the bottom within parenthesises. Clicking with the mouse
there changes the coding of the line ends. I am very happy
with the mac-style.

If after the selection of a new coding of the line ends,
^M^M still appear in the file, you could do a query-replace.
Enter ^Q^M^Q^M as search string and use an empty string as
replace string.

Thomas Käufl

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