[OS X Emacs] Problems with text indent

Tobias Schweizer t.schweizer at unibas.ch
Mon Jun 7 11:38:06 EDT 2010


I am totally new to aquamacs and I think it is a great editor with all advantages of syntax highlighting but still in the good all emacs style to work with.

My questions concerns the indendation of text with tabs:

Since I have changed the "tab always indent" option to "Indent if inside indentation, else TAB", tab indent works in javascript mode, but not in PHP. Further there are still problems with the tab indent when I open a file in TextMate after having worked with aquamacs before.

Could anyone help me with the settings? 

What I want: indent code by using the tab-key. Indendation should also be read correctly by other texteditors such as TextMate.

Thanks a lot!


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